Chapter dinners

Held biweekly on Sundays from 6:30 - 7:30pm. Dinner will always be served.

What will happen at every chapter dinner:

  • Announcements from exec including upcoming siblinghood, social, and service events

  • In-person-only sign-ups for lotteries for social events that have number caps (karaoke, bowling, smaller dinners, etc.)

  • Open forum for questions/comments/concerns

  • Snaps to recognize members for doing nice/cool/great things

    * Can submit questions/comments/concerns and snaps in advance via google form or simply voice them during chapter

house rules

1) If you are bringing more than 3 non-members in to the house at once, get permission from exec first.

2) If you want to host a non-Theta event or meeting in the house, get permission from exec first at least a week in advance.

3) Leave the house better than you found it. Always take out your trash when you leave.

4) Turn off lights and make sure door is securely closed behind you when you exit.

Other key info

Official Name: Themis Asteri Zeta Xi (The T.A. = THETA)

House Address: 10 Arrow St

Fraternity (Kappa Alpha Theta) founded: 1870

Chapter (Zeta Xi) founded: 1993

Re-established as Themis Asteri Zeta Xi and began accepting non-female-identifying members: 2018